10 Fantasy Fights

Welcome to 10 Fantasy Fights, a demonstration game by Merry Prankster Games. In 10 Fantasy Fights, you control a party of adventurers though a series of 10 fights designed to exercise all aspects of the SENG game engine. You will rapidly advance from a simple battle of a single inexperienced warrior against lowly minions, all the way to controlling a mighty band of legendary heroes against a near-invincible demon lord.


See the Merry Prankster Games blog for detailed news. Major Announcements:

September 4, 2012: 10 Fantasy Fights Version 1.0 (Beta) available!

Get the version 1.0 (Beta) release of 10 Fantasy Fights on the Download page!


10 Fantasy Fights is a single player computer role-playing game for computers running Microsoft Windows. 10 Fantasy Fights is evocative of the classic CRPG games of the 90s, but updated to run well on modern computers, using modern technology.


You can also get more information about 10 Fantasy Fights by reading the manual online: 10 Fantasy Fights Manual

System Requirements

10 Fantasy Fights has not undergone strict testing of system requirements, but has been designed to run on very modest computers. A rough outline of what may be required: