Atlantis Conquest

In Atlantis Conquest, players compete in a vicious game of conquest; the winner must defeat the other players and overrun their citadels. The Atlantis Conquest rule-set is fairly simple, with a fixed economy and basic magic system. Conquest is the focus of this game, not exploration and discovery!


Atlantis Conquest is a closed ended game, and players may only join the game at the beginning of the game. Each player begins in a region with a citadel. A player wins the game by becoming the owner of all of the citadels, or by eliminating all of the other players.

This rule-set is purposefully simple, as the players should be focused on battling each other, not building up complex empires; this also makes the game well suited for beginners. The economy is simple, and all of the skills and items in the game are detailed in the rules. The magic system is also fully detailed in the rules, so the players knows exactly how they can use mages to improve their factions.

Version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 is the initial release of the Atlantis Conquest rule-set. At this point, it is more useful as sample-code, rather than as a playable game. The game does work, but there are no magic skills defined, and there is only one type of map that can be created. (The map has a large central continent, with each player starting on a smaller island close to the continent).

Hopefully I will add a magic system and a few more map types soon, to make the game worthwhile on its own.

Last Modified: December 19, 2002

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