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Rogue is the original 'roguelike game', designed to be played on a character-only screen.  This is the first version of my port of rogue to Windows.  There was an old DOS version floating around, but I couldn't find a native Windows version, so I compiled it myself.

If you don't know what a roguelike game is, you may want to check the out some roguelike pages in the Links section. Perhaps later I will include some more information on how to play Rogue on this page.

Port by Geoff Dunbar (

Based on rogue 5.3-clone, by Tim Stoehr and others.

Uses PDCurses v2.6 (


September 22, 2003 - Rogue for Windows v0.1 (5.3) released.


Downloads of the current version of Rogue for Windows.

Download the zip files, then look at rogue.txt in the zip file for information on installing Rogue.

Rogue for Windows v0.1 (5.3) -

Source Code

I don't feel like packaging up the source code; it's just the standard rogue source and PD Curses, with a few small changes.  If you plan to do anything interesting my small changes won't help anyways.

Helpful Links

nanRogue - nanrogue My port of Rogue to the PocketPC.

Guide to Roguelike Games -

"The Winner's Guide to Rogue" - This covers the PC version, rather than the Linux version nanRogue is based on, but most of the information still applies. Also, the direct link may not work due to the hosting site; if this is the case, look around for it.

Also see the newsgroups under

Geoff Dunbar (

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