The Atlantis Project

Update April 13, 2002 - Well, I haven't really been doing much with the Atlantis Project lately. I'll still keep all my documentation and source code for download here, but to get the latest information and source code, the best place to go is probably the AtlantisDev Yahoo Group (


Atlantis is a multi-player computer moderated strategic fantasy game, often played via email. Atlantis was begun by Russell Wallace, who developed the initial version, and ran the first game, Atlantis 1.0. Geoff Dunbar continued the legacy, first with the extensive playtest of Atlantis 2.0, and then the commercial game Atlantis 3.0.

Now, we are proud to announce the founding the Atlantis Project, to further the development of the Atlantis game. The Atlantis Project is an open-source project, responsible for the release, coordination, and maintenance of the Atlantis source code. The goals of the project are two-fold:

Atlantis Project Information

Introduction to the Atlantis Project - Some basic information about Atlantis and the Atlantis Project.

History of Atlantis - The history of Atlantis development.

Announcements - For the latest News and Announcements about the Project.

AtlantisDev  Yahoo Group - This Yahoo Group forum is actually run by a different group of people, but is the place to look for discussion of Atlantis.

License Information - The Atlantis source code is released under the GNU Public License.

Contributors - Credits to all people who have helped out with the design and development of Atlantis.


The source code purposefully includes minimal documentation; this site is the primary source for documentation on the Atlantis Project.

Atlantis Gamemaster's Guide - This document describes how to compile, setup, and run a game of Atlantis.

Atlantis Programmer's Guide - This document describes how to make modifications to the Atlantis engine or an Atlantis rule-set.

Atlantis Todo List - This document describes the various changes that I have planned for the Atlantis source code.

Atlantis Conquest - This document describes the Atlantis Conquest rule-set, the sample rule-set included with the source code.


Atlantis Games - This page has game announcements and news. If you are looking to play Atlantis, this is the place to look!


Atlantis Download Page - This page has the latest versions of the Atlantis source code.

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