The Accursed Crown of the Giant King

The Accursed Crown of the Giant King trailer.

Generations ago, the curse of the Crown of the Giant King finally splintered the ancient Kingdom of Giants. Now, a hundred years later, the curse has spread its malevolent influence south, and engulfed the Duchy of Northfell in ruin and despair. A band of heroes is needed to break the curse and return peace and prosperity to the land.

Old School Role Playing Game “The Accursed Crown of the Giant King”.

  • Epic, classic-style fantasy adventure. Single player, controlling a main hero with a band of companions.
  • Real-time with pause gameplay, for complex tactical combat with full control.
  • Combines open-ended exploration with an overall quest. Dozens of locations and side-quests to explore and conquer.
  • Deep, complex role-playing system, inspired by popular paper-and-pencil role playing games.
  • Build the party of adventurers you want, with dozens of skills and powers, and hundreds of spells and items.

Try the first chapter “Danger in Greenvale” for free, which includes a full adventure and conclusion. Continue your adventure by purchasing chapters 2-4.

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Mac: Purchase in App StoreDownload on the Mac App Store
iOS (iPhone and iPad):Download on the App Store

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