Area Generation Bug

Check out this interesting bug in Accursed Crown of the Giant King. As part of generating some levels, I create a structure with some stairs in the middle. Working on something else, I noticed that in some circumstances, the stairs would get a wall created right in front of them! See this screenshot:

See the little nub of wall in front of the stairs.

Note that in this screenshot, the bug is the little half-wall in front of the stairs. In this case there is actually space for the player to get through the wall to the stairs, but with the bug, it is possible to completely block the stairs. There is also a full-wall in front of the stairs that is not a bug, but rather a secret door. Ignore that for now.

This bug happened because I created the structure just a little larger than usual, to match the rest of the level. Then, in this case, I failed to clear out enough of the wall in front of the stairs. The fix is easy enough; just extend the clear space by a couple of squares (depending on the size of the structure):

No more wall.

All fixed! Almost a one-liner, but took awhile to figure out just what the problem was.

Is This Thing On?

So, progress on Accursed Crown of the Giant King has been slow. Vacations, some personal issues, etc, etc. But I’m trying to get back on that horse.

I’ve just been wrapping up the companions and their quests for Chapter 4. Here’s a screenshot:

The party battles a Mountain Troll Matron and her minions.

Still some distractions (pleasant and otherwise) in the next few months, but I will try to continue progress. Stay tuned!