Dungeon Generation Bug

I’m currently playing through Accursed Crown of the Giant King as part of final testing. It’s pretty fun!

However, today I ran into an interesting bug. Check out this level:

Inaccessible stairs.

There’s no way to get to the stairs up!

It turns out in certain levels, it is possible for the random number generator to spit out just the right values, and a staircase can get completely blocked off! It only happens in a pretty rare set of levels, and very rarely even then. To create the level above I had to result to changing the random results in the debugger. However, I did run into it in my playthrough, so it can happen in the wild!

My fix is a little janky, but I _think_ it’s OK. In the situation where we create stairs pointing at a corner, I just flip the direction of the stairs around. That _should_ make it always possible for the dungeon generator to create a path to the stairs.

I should get through my initial testing next week, and start to work on getting some other beta testers.