The Accursed Crown of the Giant King Beta Test

Merry Prankster Games need beta testers! My game “The Accursed Crown of the Giant King” is just about ready to go. I just need some folks to play though it and make sure everything is working OK.

“The Accursed Crown of the Giant King” is an old-school single-player RPG. In it you control a party of heroes through an epic fantasy adventure. Gameplay is real-time with pause, emphasizing a deep RPG system, and combining open-ended exploration with an over-arching main quest. You can find more information, including a gameplay trailer, on the ACotGK website:

ACotGK is currently in beta-test for Windows. Chapter 1 is free for download; send me feedback and I’ll send you chapters 2-4. Full information on the beta test page:

I’m working on getting Mac and iOS betas going, as well. Stay tuned if you are interested in those platforms.

Thank you for any help you can give with this test!