More Guild Quests

Guild quests are done (Accursed Crown of the Giant King)! I just wrapped up the Natural Philosopher’s quest. Here’s a screenshot after you join the Philosopher’s guild, skipping right to the highest rank by doing the advanced quest:

Philosopher’s guild info.

I ran into a few bugs while testing but I think I got them ironed out. More next week!

Guild Quests

Working on the last chapter of Accursed Crown of the Giant King. One of the last things for me to work on are the guild quests. If you want to join or advance in guild ranks at a high level, there is a quest for you to do. The four “in-game” guilds (factions, whatever) all need this.

I just wrapped up the quest for the Skalds (bard guild, basically):

The Skalds guild.

I’ve got one more guild to go (the Natural Philosophers), and then on to the next task. I’m in the home stretch, but still much to do.

Next week on vacation so probably no post, but more later.