ACotGK Roguelike?

I’ve been playing a bit of FTL lately ( ); great game:

The way my FTL games often end…

It occurs to me that the engine I use for Accursed Crown of the Giant King could pretty easily adapt to play a similar sort of roguelike:

  • Any given play-through of the game could take an hour or two.
  • Roguelike generation of quests, level, etc, but with a general overall plot.
  • D&D-style RPG mechanics.
  • Experience full party and character progression each game.
  • Unlock new classes, factions, etc with each successful play.

I think it could be pretty interesting.

Of course, this is typical when I am well into the process of making a big game. I start thinking about all of the fundamental design decisions that I could have done differently. When what I really need to do is to suck it up and finish, and then I can think about what future development holds.

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