ACotGK: Scare Bug

Ran into an interesting bug in Accursed Crown of the Giant King today. The spell Scare was unexpectedly lasting 0 seconds.

Beldegon casting the Scare spell (somewhat inexplicably on his own party member).

The Scare spell inflicts fear on the target, and should last for 30 seconds. In the case where the target makes his saving throw, the spell duration should be minimized, which in this case means 10 seconds.

So, digging in, the first issue I found was that the saving throw message was not getting displayed properly. As part of some changes that I made a while back, the message was getting created, but never displayed. That had the additional result that the fact that the target was successfully saving, and thus the spell should have a short duration, was not obvious at all.

But that wasn’t the whole issue. Once I started to display the message, it became obvious that the bug occurred when the save succeeded. However, the short duration was much shorter than expected. Digging in further, I quickly found that the duration was getting reduced several times; specifically divided by 2. So the duration was ending up at 30/16, or about 1 second. The fix ended up being one line, to simple make the duration 10 seconds in this case. Another bug bites the dust!

The Accursed Crown of the Giant King is an old school role-playing game, single player, party based. It will be released in 2020 for Windows, Mac, and iOS. ACotGK is by Merry Prankster Games, and you can get more information at

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